crop artist creating clay sculpture

the bae leaf studio

a creative space you nurture before anything else

the bae leaf studio is a healing and creative experience that blends the practice of yoga with art. in this space, we awaken our inner healer to cultivate our own dragon medicine and consciously navigate the self along our healing journey. we offer guidance through art meditation, sound meditation, art readings, and more.

i am on a journey of self discovery through creative expression and yoga. i am in search of all that is me to observe the beauty in the pieces and experience the wholeness of who i am.

shan bae


we believe that the foundation of community must stand firm on the philosophies of our daily yoga practice and the understanding of what unity means. our mission is to curate a space dedicated the inclusivity of all beings awakening their inner healer through the practice of art and yoga. we offer a space to engage with likeminded beings.


  • free • premium coloring sheets
  • monthly art meditations
  • paid membership
  • free discord community


we believe that art is a creative way to express emoceans and release trauma. our mission is to inspire all beings to open their heart, create art, and transmute their pain in a safe way. we offer a space to share artwork, workshops for guidance, art readings, and other resources.


  • coloring sheets
  • community
  • journal prompts
  • art meditation workshops
  • art readings
  • video, article, and other resources


we believe that yoga is a fundamental and enlightening practice that brings liberation to the mind, body, and spirit. our mission is to share what we have learned in hopes to offer insight to what a spiritual practice looks like and how to achieve it. we offer a space to learn, share your experiences on your journey, and helpful resources to expand your practice.


  • asanas (coming soon)
  • sounds
  • meditations
  • talks

our community

explore our current spaces to understand our mission and purpose for the bae leaf studio! we would love for you to join us on this journey called life and share your story with us. our community is a great place to start and holds all of the resources we create and share. see you there!

crop artist painting flowers in sketchbook

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