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the bae studio

a creative space you nurture before anything else

the bae studio is a healing and creative experience that blends the practice of yoga with creative expression. in this space, we awaken our inner healer to cultivate our own dragon medicine and consciously navigate the self along our healing journey. we offer guidance through art meditation, sound meditation, art readings, and more.


the bae studio membership is a beautiful way for beings to support our goals, peek behind the scenes, and gain access to so many other perks. this will allow us to share creative content and process while motivating the completion of future projects. the memberships also provide us with an income while allowing us the opportunity to connect with like-minded beings.


  • behind the scenes
  • updates via email
  • coloring pages
  • affirmation pages
  • discounts on readings
  • open invitation to live streams


the bae studio readings are an offering of insight and guidance to assist beings along their current journey. an art reading is a beautiful expression of your energy and the messages it contains. the messages shared have no timeline and may shift into something new. we follow this motto when offering readings…“take what feels good and leave the rest”.


  • digital painting
  • keywords
  • poem
  • summary


the bae studio offers dhyana (meditation), nada (sound), and asana (poses) as 1on1 or group relaxation experiences to promote relaxation, growth, and healing. the different types of yoga is intended to express inner darkness into the light and transmute that energy into love.


  • groups
  • 1on1
  • soothing sounds
  • create & express
  • 60 minutes
  • discord voice channel
  • inspiration talks


the bae studio community thrives in a space where our favorite topics can be discussed with likeminded people, we can share our experiences on our healing journey, and discover a deeper meaning in the beings we connect with everyday. our discord community is where we host all of our events such as art and sound meditations. we strive to build a place that is inclusive of all, safe, and fun. you can learn more about our discord home by clicking the button below.

crop artist painting flowers in sketchbook

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