can i cancel my membership?

yes! you can cancel at anytime. read this article about our payment system.

when will my membership renew?

your membership will renew every month on the same day or every year on the same month and day. you can read more about that here.

will the cost of the membership change once i subscribe?

no, it will not change once you subscribe. however, if you cancel and resubscribe and the price is no longer what it is was during your previous subscription then it will change. the price changes really only affect new subbies and subbies that resubscribe.

are memberships refundable?

no, memberships are not refundable. once the content has been accessed the transaction is closed.

how can i manage my payments?

you can update, cancel, and access your subscription by visiting your wordpress account. read this article for more step by step instructions.

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