I was mad because I wanted you to myself

I wanted you the way she has you now

I needed you but you needed her

I unzipped the pocket in my worn out heart

You know the one that has the small hole in it

Just enough to stick the tip of your finger inside Continue reading Stolen


I Wish For Someone To Love You

I love me the way he desires the art of the petals hidden in my garden Flourishing between my hips

But with a defining sense of who I am

I see more of his need of me in him than his desire to grow for self

He’s so eager to be reborn Continue reading I Wish For Someone To Love You

My Watty Book Update

For years now, I have been contemplating writing series on Wattpad. When I originally made my very first account I didn’t see any poetry or any that I remember. Back then, Wattpad didn’t look as cool as it does now nor did it have a flourishing section just for poetry. Continue reading My Watty Book Update

Perception of Greener Grass

A written collaboration between myself and a friend of mine Rashid M Bey.

The mental impression of greener grass on the other side is just the perception that you may have at the time

Nothing is really made to perfection

That thought is only in your mind Continue reading Perception of Greener Grass

Love Letter Poem: My Love by Ashley

My love,

Nothing raises the hair on my neck like pressing your pages with my pen.

When you touch me, I moan out and mentally roam out and take a loan out of you.

And when we climax, I conceive. My nipples raised to receive the sweet fluid of life that keeps us alive after night after night of deceit.

Nature and nurture. I hate you. It’s torture. You’re all that I need.

I love you.

Written By: Ashley Evans; @EdgarAllanAHoe

Episode of Sublime

This poem is a collaboration piece by E.A Spain from The Gypsy Soull, Eric Campbell from Ineffable Facade, and Shan Bae; formerly known as The Nyghtlie Poet (Me).

I think I could talk about love forever
I could write about love until the words ran over the deckle edge

Continue to think of new combinations of descriptives to define it
And still, be lacking the true essence of the feeling I get in my chest

But when you do that special something for me it makes me feel set apart
Continue reading Episode of Sublime