Inside, Outside Happy All the Time

The best thing I have ever done is put the outside on mute and listen to the inside. Meaning the outside being the mirror I live in front of and the inside being the source of the reflection. I took some time to understand how much of the outside I was taking in and what I needed to filter out. I needed to let go of some things because I realized some of those things were invading my body like a virus. I didn’t want that stuff in there possessing me.

So I sat down and put the outside on mute to focus on my divine diet. Continue reading Inside, Outside Happy All the Time


Nothing and Everything

Last week I was having the hardest time dealing with the stress in my life. I felt really depressed followed by a very anxious feeling in my chest. The anxiety led me right into a sleep attack and I just had to let go. I’ve always felt like people who are truly depressed really give up and I thought I couldn’t be experiencing the same thing because underneath it all I refused to give up. Continue reading Nothing and Everything

Self Talk: The Introduction

I needed this cleansing.

As much as I’ve accumulated anger in my lifetime I have always found my way back to love. I have given love to those who brought me pain. I use to think there was something wrong with me for letting things go so easily. Continue reading Self Talk: The Introduction