Inside, Outside Happy All the Time

Being there with myself, the answer presented itself to me and everything made sense. Being sad wasn’t so hard anymore because I now had the opportunity to access the knowledge that granted me the power to change it. Why? Because I knew what I needed to change.

Nothing and Everything

I want to understand myself more and why things are happening in such a repetitive pattern. So this week when I found myself cutting off my hair and crying I asked myself....

Old Vibe, New Times

We could finally breathe deeply Conversing with lines of lyrics Tickling our intellect We’re connected far beyond human existence; spirits

A Colored White Girl

Slowly I lost sight of my right to be here To be loved To know what it was I did so wrong to deserve such torment I was meant to perish Without understanding of why I couldn’t be different


‪I love the way music feels on my skin‬ Goosebumps rise when I hear it This is what I needed to hear This is what I needed to feel

Die. Dying. Dead

Poured a glass that was tall but empty Dehydrated everything that nourished me Should I call this love Or an unselfish act


I had given my heart away to a person I thought would give me theirs What felt like an eternity I walked alone blindly I peeled back layers of myself to prove to you my loyalty