Tag: positivity

  • weekly affirmation: june 26 – july 2

    weekly affirmation: june 26 – july 2

    it is the unfolding of the vision’s inception and our gratitude along the way that connects us with the deeply rooted purpose in all that comes to fruition.

  • my perfect day

    my perfect day

    to rise in the morning sunshine on my face a space to be; meditate a cup of tea warm familiarity

  • weekly affirmation: june 19-25

    weekly affirmation: june 19-25

    – i am creatively flowing with divine wisdom and love – i surrender to the endless stream of creativity

  • orange diamond

    orange diamond

    today i am grateful for my compassion (ahimsa). today i grateful for my commitment to truth (satya). today i am grateful for diminishing feeling of greediness and lack (asetya). today i am grateful for my ability to use my energy for intentional goodness (brahmacharya). today i am grateful for my practice of letting go (aparigraha). 

  • wine cheese

    wine cheese

    i am moving out of my own way as i continue to evolve into who i am always becoming. on my walk through life, i welcome the obstacles as divine lessons intended to challenge me for my highest good and guide me on my journey.

  • april’s tarot reading

    april’s tarot reading

    in the garden of my mind, i water the good thoughts and weed out the bad ones. coexistence of the material and the spiritual is the human way to enlightenment. assess the energy you are putting out. check your lack mentality.