I Wish For Someone To Love You

I love me the way he desires the art of the petals hidden in my garden Flourishing between my hips

But with a defining sense of who I am

I see more of his need of me in him than his desire to grow for self

He’s so eager to be reborn Continue reading I Wish For Someone To Love You


3 Ways Self Love Can Improve Your Day

If you haven’t caught on by now, I am a self love advocate. From my poetry to my personality on social media to me in actuality, I advocate for self love to the 100th power.


Because I can and it is my divine right to do so. I have come to terms with my job here on this earth and it is to help people regain balance within themselves by starting with self. Continue reading 3 Ways Self Love Can Improve Your Day

Self Love: My Definition of Love

 What is love?

I never really thought about what defines love for me but I sought after what I saw on tv or I understood if it didn’t come from love then it wasn’t good for me.

I was searching for a feeling to translate into words. I thought it was in a secret location waiting for me to find it. I never realized love was my home until I reached a defining moment in my life. Love’s secret location was self. Continue reading Self Love: My Definition of Love

Self Talk: The Introduction

I needed this cleansing.

As much as I’ve accumulated anger in my lifetime I have always found my way back to love. I have given love to those who brought me pain. I use to think there was something wrong with me for letting things go so easily. Continue reading Self Talk: The Introduction