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  • truth in dark

    truth in dark

    o’love do i miss you when you manifest you come and go like a transparent silhouette… and how the space in between feels like a lifetime feels like my heart slips into a black hole twisted with uncertainty into oblivion

  • december


    i am broken you cracked me open and there i lie like an empty cocoon bare and dry

  • crying in the dark

    crying in the dark

    nowadays it seems like my eyes are always ready to spill overfilled with this sadness even though at times I smile i feel a deep giggle that steals away some time

  • stolen pieces

    stolen pieces

    i want to rip from them all the pieces of me they stole i wish i could whisper sweet everythings into younger me i wish i could be the one that listened when everyone forgot when everyone turned their back on my crying eyes

  • i am connected

    i am connected

    stepping into my own stillness i find i am a transparent reflection a wet source disturbed introspections of what lies beneath the surface

  • I’m Losing

    I’m Losing

    Did you fall for me or the idea of easy company So many questions but never enough answers I’m pulling assumptions like cards to calm my own thoughts Trying to guide myself to see my way out of the dark