Tarot Of May: Multidimensional Harmony

Tarot Of May: Multidimensional Harmony


  • Current Self
  • Theme Of The Month
  • Key Goal
  • Obstacle To Overcome
  • Major Accomplishments
  • What To Avoid
  • What To Embrace
  • Where To Find Support
  • Advice & Encouragement 


Welcome to the month of May! This month is about living in harmony with all of our multidimensional selves; meaning, making space for every side of us that exist and agreeing that all sides are equal. This is going to take some incredible intellectual growth and clarity into who we are as individuals.

We can find inspiration to reach this goal by viewing the collective experience to understand how we can overcome obstacles of repetition, avoid limiting mind control, embrace our transformation, so that we can find internal balance. Not only can we look to the world for answers but we have the advice and the encouragement from our divine council.

If you missed out on last months reading, you can read that here.

Current Self | 6 Of Spades

Keywords | Making space for the different versions of self, nourishing all those versions, and allowing them to work in harmony

You may be at the point where you are trying to dive deep into understanding who you are and every reflection you showcase to the universe.

You may even feel the rule society has told us time and time again…

Change and multifaceted people are fake

But this isn’t true! You are real in each moment you showcase every side of who you are to the world. Don’t let your inner judge tell you to throw pieces of you away.

It’s time to make room for all of you at the table. Every side of you requires nourishment so don’t hesitate to serve a plates with the essentials needed to grow.

Theme Of Month | Ace Of Diamonds (The World)

Keywords | The collective experience as well as the experience of one, peace, and open-mindedness

The world is your mirror. Use it and open your mind to the never-ending perspectives that exist with every view. Allowing yourself to view other people during this time is a good way to bring peace to yourself. The questions you should ask yourself…

How is my experience synonmous to others? How are they finding ways to indulge in this transformation? How can my transformation effect the reflection of the world?

Key Goal | Ace Of Spades

Keywords | Intellectual growth and clarity

The ultimate goal this month is to experience intellectal growth. You will gain clarity; making it easier for you to overcome the obstacles that may be in the way of your accomplishments.

Obstacle To Overcome | 4 Of Hearts

Keywords | Love, fear of repeating past mistakes, and hesitation to try something new

You can see clearly now! As you open your eyes and your heart, you will know what obstacle you need to overcome.

Are you hesitating to try something new because you fear the repetition past mistakes? What lesson have you not learned yet?

It is now time to study your past with your minds eye fully engaged. Look at the similarities of the each situation and the outcome in the area of interest. Determine what the lesson is and apply that to your life moving forth.

This may be a love interest or a career choice you would like to pursue. Don’t let the fear you harbor from your past mistakes, force you to hide from what makes you happy.

Major Accomplishments | 9 Of Hearts

Keywords | Healing from excessively pouring into others

The 9 of Hearts description tells of selfishness but that is not the case with you. You are not a selfish being. Your love is infinte and everybody knows it; that’s why they would come to you.

But not anymore. You have risen up and taken a stance to say…

No longer will I pour to fill up other people’s cups and drain myself

This is a major accomplishment for you to celebrate by giving back to yourself or taking those steps to pursue that love interest or career path. You’ve learned your lesson and you have set mindful boundaries to prevent the mistakes of the past. You got this!

What To Avoid | 5 Of Clubs (The Devil)

Keywords | Bonds, limitations, mind control, and attachment

Beware of mind control, bonds, and limitations. Avoid them at all cost. If you are already experiencing some form of mind control or bond, know that the only way you can overcome this is by mindfully breaking those chains and setting fire to the bonds.

An agreement you definitely need to dissolve is the one that goes against your multidimensionalness. Write it down, set it on fire, and watch it burn away. I am serious.

Don’t let the limitation of any agreement keep you attached to something that is no longer serving you. Liberate yourself so that you can fully embrace what’s next on your path.

What To Embrace | King Of Clubs (The Magician)

Keywords | Mastery and transformation

Mastering self and breaking limitating agreements will allow you to move through your transformation. You are the magician ready to conjure up whatever spell you need to manifest your desires or cast out what is no longer serving you. This month you will acquire the tools to empower your emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical (external) consciousness.

You will become wiser and stronger.

Where To Find Support | 8 Of Spades (Justice)

Keywords | Internal balance, unseen, and reason

With your newfound wisdom, you must go within and maintain balance. You may need to make more time for self care and continue to have that inner dialogue to heal self. Lift away some of that baggage and find ways to solidify your acceptances of who you truly are. 

Find new ways to balance your many faces and embrace them. Don’t let the limiting belief that your change or your multifacetedness is fake keep you from loving you wholeheartedly. In order for you to be accepted, you must first accept yourself and embrace you, all of you.

This will definitely require you to redirect and limit how much you pour into the people around you.

Advice & Encouragement | Council Of Light

Keywords | Divine council. Call on angels, guides, or ancestors.

And if ever you feel that you are in need of guidance you can always call on God or whatever divine council you are comfortable with. Not to mention, intuitive healers like myself to ask for a one on one reading for clarity into your situation specifically. It’s okay to need help or someone to talk to about what you’re going through.

How are you feeling this month? What’s going on?

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