I am a intuitive tarot reader and empath. I have been reading cards for 3 years now as a way to gain clarity into life’s toughest situations. I have found this to be a constructive way to sit with the facts and look at the bigger picture.

Tarot Of May | The World

Tarot Of May: Multidimensional Harmony

This month is about living in harmony with all of our multidimensional selves; meaning, making space for every side of us that exist and agreeing that all sides are equal. This is going to take some incredible intellectual growth and clarity into who we are as individuals.

Tarot of April: Escaping The Illusion To Rediscover Self

This month, you are being asked to use social distancing to get away from the usual distractions to make a transition. Think of the things that you use to hold onto and whether they are worth carrying from here on out. Learn to focus your energy on those things that serve you as you become the better version of yourself.