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The Stars in Your Eyes

I see the stars in you

An infinite space to dance and shine

A place in which imaginative stories will be born

Stained love on the depths of the universe that seems to be neverendingI see the stars in your eyes

Wherever you go, I will follow

An endless race through time

Leaps and bounds to and from planets

Feeling magnets and cosmic winds

Moondust shining on my eyelids

Lunar eyeshadow shimmering like a star in the distance

Shooting stars chasing solar rays of the sun’s light

We universally sold our soul to this circus

Living on tightropes with no death to fall to

So we fall down

We decided to take a trip into the void of space where love’s whispers were never repeated

No need to speak of the truth that we feel

I look at you and see the reflection of the stars in my eyes too



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