The Journey

Star Wars’, The Mandalorian: Refreshingly Familiar And Potentially Great

Disney’s Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, tells a new story from a refreshing but familiar perspective all about a baby who resembles the late Yoda. This story is something that should be appreciated for simply what it is — another story about an exciting and thrilling adventure.  From the moment the first scene begins you …

My Golden Circle

My Golden Circle: My Life Purpose Statement

I believe that through love peace can be found. Your kind of peace. I know through experience, that once found it becomes an undying search for more of this feeling.

My 5 Favorite Metaphysical Books I Read Often

I am an avid reader! I love opinions, perspective, facts, and all that good knowledge that you can find in a book. I love reading books.

his day in age we have grown accustomed to finding quick bits of information via a speedy google search. This can be beneficial for those who need the information fast but there is nothing like a book jammed pack with answers. This could be a book that is used to refer to for information often or a book that provokes deep thoughts to gain a better understanding.

NEW Falling Leaves Wallpaper

I thought it would be really cool to create a wallpaper for my lockscreen that would represent my favorite season of the year…Autumn.

Nothing and Everything

I want to understand myself more and why things are happening in such a repetitive pattern. So this week when I found myself cutting off my hair and crying I asked myself….


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