Translating My Body Language

If my body could talk, it would shout in many languages the same word…


My body would tell me, “Um no not today, stay in the god damn bed.” Her whining would spew complaints in loud abruptions during random moments of the day.She would probably curse me out in every language possible and not care who heard her speak to me this way . And when someone asked to hang out or go out she would say, “Yeah let’s take a nap!”

She would probably be my biggest hater and tell me to give up my dreams of becoming all that I aspire to be.

How are you going to focus enough to become an amazing artist if you are always tired?

How are you going to take care of kids and do house chores on top of that?

How is anyone going to take you seriously when you can’t even keep your eyes open?

How are you going to maintain a brand when your hands give out on you and automatic behaviors leave you with errors?


She would try her hardest to keep us hidden under the blanket chasing fantasies in and out of dreams and realms. She would refuse to get up only if she needed to go to the potty. She would keep us from the world and the world close enough for me not to forget that I would never survive.

She would tell me, “It is safer in the bed and I should stay for awhile.”


a Narcoleptic


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