trinity reading for april

trinity reading for april

welcome to april! in this month’s trinity reading, i will be using the galactic oracle deck to connect with the universe to learn about what is happening with our mind, body, and spirit. i will include keywords, readings, activities, numerology, and astrology for the trinity.

collective readings are a gifted offering for those of whom are open to receiving. i ask for no monetary gains from what i have to give. however if you feel moved by my offering and would like to support my efforts you are welcome to click or tap the button below to pay the love forward. thanks!

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in my pain

i find the lessons

calming waves

sound emoceans

floating gratefully

in my presence

undressing trauma

naked processes

falling bare 

self forgiveness


“Are you taking action for your highest good?”

  • Intention
  • Why
  • Serve

You’ve been working hard, there’s no denying the long hours and the tension in your shoulders you’ve been feeling but it’s time to start questioning all the use of your energy. The universe is asking that you check in with your intentions and understand the “why” of all that you do. Is what you do serving you or the collective?

If it isn’t it may be time to reevaluate what you’re doing and rediscover your life’s purpose.

Numerology: 33, 6

Astrology: Earth Signs


One thing that has helped me to define my life purpose is reading about how other people affirmed their own and just brain dumping about what I felt my purpose was in life. After a lot of research and self discovery, I came up with a formula that gave me a simplified idea of what I am here to do.

Life Purpose Formula

Passions + Problems + Service = Life Purpose

Write out all of the things that you can do for hours in a flow state without distraction. These things are your passions and they are going to be the fuel for your fire that will keep you lit. Next, write out the problems that you have noticed in the world that you or someone you know has been affected by.

After you write those problems down, you want to contemplate on the things you can do to help relieve the collective of this problem. At this point, it is essential to think about ways you can use your passions to help you be of service and to keep that fire lit over the course of your life.


“Appreciate the process”

  • Gratitude
  • Process
  • Experience

in the way that your body experiences growing pains as a child, your life’s journey will have a similar experience and through it all the process will prepare you for the end goal that you wish to manifest. you may be on a fitness journey or your body may be responding to your life’s experiences and the growing pains may be exhaustingly painful but it is all for the best. be present in these moments and find gratitude for the ups and downs.

no one said it would be easy but keep reminding yourself that the process is necessary for the arrival of your manifestations.

Numerology: 10, 1

Astrology: earth signs


take 5 minutes everyday to journal about your experience, write out your goals (or reread), and write a few things you are grateful for. this will help keep you grounded in your purpose and remind you why you are going through what you are going through. 


  • self forgiveness
  • painful lessons
  • trauma

your human experience may have been painful at times and calming your emoceans was a struggle for you. spirit wants you to forgive yourself for every moment you blamed yourself for the trauma someone created in you. you may even blame yourself for your own trauma due to your lack of boundaries and it’s time to heal up that mentality. 

this is no longer a pain that you must harbor in your body. it’s time to let go and recognize the lesson that has so much more to give to you on your life’s journey. letting go of your pain opens you to self discovery including sexuality, identity, and ego. let go, forgive, and discover who you are naked.

Numerology: 25, 7

Astrology: earth signs


reflect. be present in every moment with your mind, body, and spirit. be mindful of the lessons or resonating messages in your everyday life. this can include stories you read, conversations that you have, and other external experiences. 

step away from the world and reflect on the messages that you are receiving. what do they teach you about your life and how does it feel in your body? jot it down and continue to reflect everyday on those thoughts. 

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