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The #TrueLife Series is coming to an end you guys! I’ve really enjoyed writing this series as I learned more about myself and what would truly bring me happiness. I hope that by sharing my experience, you are able to learn about yourself and evolve along with me.

This won’t be the end of the #TrueLife movement but the beginning of helping other’s like myself discover more of themselves internally. The blog series will end Oct. 22nd with the release of the #TrueLife Journal and the start of creating the #TrueLife Email Series. I hope that the email series is ready by Jan 2019 so that those who are interested in deepening their journey to obtaining wholeness and peace can do so.

For this post I wanted to go over each individual topic and provide you with a summary of each one. I will also link to the original post for each section just in case you would like to go back to read more. I hope that this series has given you some perspective and insight on how you would like to move forward in life.

Fantasy Self

Learning about the concept of “fantasy self” is what inspired me to start writing this blog series. Of course at that time I had no idea that this shift would be the beginning of something so transformative for me. All I knew was that money had become this resource that was being drained from me at high demand to fulfill expectations I was trying to live up to.

Instead of living a life of peace, I was constantly in conflict with who I am and who I thought I should be to please others. My fantasy self has been causing conflicts because she holds a lot of beliefs that I truly do not believe. This epiphany I experienced about my life and what I wanted didn’t resonate with living according to others.

Discovering the differences between my fantasy and real self has allowed me to put into perspective my path to a peaceful reality. By knowing what I really want and remaining consciously aware of what I need to let go of, I’ve made it easier to walk on this path. I don’t expect a change overnight but I am taking control of the now in order to create a future that I know will provide me with the peace I am looking for.

Maybe you have struggled with this and would like to dig deeper into this concept. Have a moment of silence and ask yourself who you are really. Do you carry mental and material baggage that keeps you from enjoying life?

Fantasy and Real Self Definition

A True Rich Life

Then I found it! The words that described exactly how I was feeling and the type of life I desired. A rich life, a craving that could only be fulfilled through life experiences and not material things.

Rich Life Definition

The chase of more money has been the most excruciating pain. It is essential to have it to survive…yes but it’s abundance becomes toxic when the demand for material things I’ve been programmed to think are essential own me. Of course I have my essentials and my non-essential which add to my experience in life but having junk is not serving me.

The rest of my material possessions are just junk I’ve attached myself to out of fear or programmed belief that I need more. Holding onto these things will only get in the way of me obtaining a true rich life and I am so willing to let go to reach my goals. I have no one else to blame for the choices I’ve made to buy unnecessary junk but I am glad that I’ve learned to make better decisions.

For the first time in my life I know what I want in life and this has filled me with so much love. Even though I am still experiencing distress in this process, I am at peace knowing that I feel confident in my next steps in life. I have found freedom in what seemed like imprisonment.

You should try asking yourself what a true rich life looks like to you. It could be an eye opening epiphany in many ways for you as well. Most likely you’ll envision what your heart truly desires and feel it deeply.

Follow your dream.

Planning A Rich Life

I knew if I wanted more out of life I had to give up that baggage; those things that weighed me down. I’ve always practiced minimalism in a way but it was never really effective because it was never apart of how I was consciously living. So I relapsed back into old ways time and time again, not getting any closer to what I desired most.

I was practicing mindfulness but I wasn’t applying it to every aspect of my life but then I was properly introduced to minimalism. My practice of mindfulness then expanded to become a unified and successful tool along side minimalism. Separating my real and fantasy self had to be the most freeing day of my entire life.

The beginning of removing all that doesn’t serve me in the rich life I envision has given me so much hope. I am finding happiness and gratitude in relinquishing the fear of letting go of what doesn’t serve me. This is mentally preparing me to see where my steps will take me from here if I just continue supporting my truth.

You know what your rich life looks like but you aren’t sure how to obtain it. Just take some time each day to ask yourself how can I obtain this goal of a rich life? How will you go from now to the life you envisioned?

Finding Your Inner Child

I’ve forgotten who I truly was long before the mental and emotional programing begin. I lost sight of love, purpose, and freedom. Here I am a whole adult feeling like I am lost with no direction and finding what I believe to be the lost child in me.

This child was pure and wasn’t tainted by the programing of adults in everyday life. She could still see the beauty in a life she couldn’t change and bring a light heart to the center of it all. She had no need to control any force outside of herself or even her fluid existence.

She was free.

The only way to live like this is by letting go of judgement and control. We are equal so to take time out to judge anyone is a good indicator that you’re conflicted about something in yourself. Controlling other’s thoughts or actions is impossible and just doesn’t produce authenticity.

Letting Go: Dealing With Distressful Thoughts

When my mind is constantly producing distressful thoughts I am unable to focus on trusting the moment. Usually I use my energy up worrying about something I can’t change and end up having to go with the flow regardless of my resistance. I believe that experiences in my life happen for a reason with lessons to teach me whether I understand in the moment or later on in life.

Letting go of chaotic thoughts when stressful situations arise is something I am constantly working on. Sometimes I am able to do divert these thoughts in a new direction and telling myself no I don’t believe that but other times it is not that easy. I don’t get frustrated I just keep practicing the best I can and in due time it will be like second nature to me.

Here is how I’ve been practicing relieving myself of worry:

1. Identify the distressing thought(s)
2. Interrupt this thought
3. And think of anything with love in it

Make a note to yourself to be aware in the present moment if your mind is in distress and about what. What are your thoughts revealing to you? How does this make you feel?

The Purge and Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Now that I am actively practicing minimalism I have these moments called “The Purge” when I go through my belongings to get rid of everything that is not of value to me anymore. There is usually a period before this that I contemplate on all the things that I am willing to let go of and I write it down. I actually enjoy this process because it feels like I am shedding baggage and I always come out feeling lighter knowing that the things I am purging are going somewhere that can be of value to someone else.

The next important step for me is practicing minimum waste or zero waste (I think zero waste is impossible) by replacing disposable items with reusable items. This includes things like napkins, plastic bags, wipes, disposable diapers, plastic bottles, and many other household items. Another way that I am choosing to minimize waste is by using one product for multiple things like Dr. Bronner soap.

Recycling is on my mind but the property that I live on doesn’t offer this as an option and I am in the process of locating recycling centers. Recycling after doing all that I can to minimize the waste coming into my home can be a huge help to the planet. This is very important to obtaining a rich life for me because I need our planet to be sustainable in order to live here.

Practicing minimalism doesn’t have to look like white walls and furniture, it’s about the wholeness and peace you feel when you let go of your baggage. How do you feel when you purge your junk drawer or a closet full of clothes you never wear? What are some things you practice that are eco-friendly?

Being Mindful of Thoughts and Emotional Symptoms

I learned how thoughts and emotions are connected to better understand how to manage them. My emotions are the symptoms of my thoughts. If I can replace negative thoughts with positive ones I will have emotional symptoms that will bring me pleasure rather than distress.

Tending to my mind by accepting and rejecting thoughts will help dissolve the chaos. Not only does this help me mentally and emotionally but externally too. My reality will begin to conform to what my mind is projecting and that cycle will continue to flow as long as I stay mindful.

How do you keep your mentality in check? Do you practice mindfulness? Have you noticed a change in your overall life experience?

I hope you enjoyed my #TrueLife Series and learned something you could apply to your life. If you are interested in furthering your journey to a true rich life subscribe below. I will be sending out a newsletter today with a discount code for $5 off of the #TrueLife Journal.

Do not miss out on this deal because I won’t be sending it out again. It will be scheduled for later on tonight and the journal will be released tomorrow. I will also be including information about the #TrueLife Email Series coming in 2019.

I just want to thank everyone for their support and sharing my journey. It is not easy making life changes and I just want other’s to know that you are not alone. Do not give up and just keep practicing being the best version of you.

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