I spent my time adjusting my young restless mind on catering to you

Each step was two steps back

I let you abuse my self-esteemI was so broken

No one was there but him

Never telling me more than what needed to be said

I understood the agreement

I gave to him my indiscretions to distract me from my pain

Reinvented my chains and bounds from us into something other than what I thought was love

The passion in the dark opened my eyes and turned me towards what was in the light

My heart was more than something for you to taunt me with

You pulled me in and I could feel every emotion I was evading

Trusting the deception that has my heart second guessing not only love but my reflection

Watching myself fade away in his darkness

My psyche collapsing in the temptation of something new

Walking away with a thousand thoughts of how I will be back

Calmly accepting the events that transpired and the consequences that are to follow

Split in two and I let the darkness consume what little of me I had left

Aware of the thoughts sailing through my mind

Euphorically erupting into this calming sea of satisfaction

I no longer felt the pain of waiting for you


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