What Do I Want To Be Rich In?

Don’t you hate it when you are scrolling down Twitter and you see something that inspires you to write but you forget to bookmark it for reference later?

Yep, that’s me right now but I will live.

When I speak on a topic that I feel shifting me into a new direction in life the universe speaks it in great volume. It’s such a beautiful thing to receive a message at random and it be validated externally. My series about True Life is a movement created by the universe itself.

I am not in control here, I am just here to share the message and to level up.

I saw a tweet which is the title of this post and I wanted to answer the question but what I had to say was way too long. I thought bringing the question to my blog and furthering the discussion would be a great way to elaborate on this topic.

What Do I Want To Be Rich In?

Well let’s define “rich”. There is the first definition…

Rich: having a great deal of money or assets; wealthy.

This is the definition that society tells us that we need more of but this is what I am conflicted about. So let’s look at the second definition…

Rich: plentiful; abundant

That definition resonates more with the way I am feeling but I know there’s a deeper meaning for this word. Here’s the fifth definition…

Rich: interesting because full of diversity and complexity

The second and fifth definitions are what I believe truly matters when it comes to living. To live an abundant and interesting life full of diversity and complexity is what it means to be rich. This is what I want to be rich in!

Rich: To Live an Abundant and Interesting Life Full of Diversity and Complexity

It’s that simple!

A life that is fulfilling in ways that material things would never be able to compensate happiness. I have this strong urge to break free from being owned by material things because of the depressing illusion that they will make me happy. The illusion of happiness can come in many different forms but it’s always temporary.

I can honestly say that my restlessness is from my ideals about material things providing me with happiness. But then one day a light bulb turned on and I gained clarity on why I was never happy. Less is the more I was searching for to satisfy my need to live a rich life.

I want to be rich in true, abundant life. The follow up question to this is how can I obtain this and where do I start? I will be answering this in another post very soon.

Now it’s your turn to be honest and contemplate on what you want to be rich in. Let me know in the comments below and subscribe so we can continue discussing these thoughts.

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