What Is Meditation: Definition, Benefits, & Types

What Is Meditation: Definition, Benefits, & Types

in this blog post, i will be explaining what meditation is and the benefits of having a daily meditation practice. from my own experience, i have defined what meditation means to me and different ways that i can meditate. this post can help those who are struggling to understand what meditation is and how to practice it in your own way.

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what is meditation post outline

on the days that i wake up to the sun shining on my face and the birds chirping, i am given the opportunity to lay in bed listening to the birds and feeling the sun. in this moment of gratitude, i find peace, love, and my breath. i am grateful to be called by nature to take in such a beautiful moment. 

i allow myself to be in this state of mindfulness and embrace what is being gifted to me. it is a reminder to be conscious of the now and to find love wherever i am. it is how i stay connected to self and the universe when so much is demanded of my energy.

this is my morning meditation.

What Is Meditation?

the definition for meditation by shan bae

by my own definition…

meditation is a moment of pure focus on one thing with an intention to achieve another.

for example…

when i feel anxious, i usually get up to dance to music or do yoga. i focus on dancing however i feel to the music or do yoga poses that my body chooses naturally with the intention to help relax my body.

here a simple formula…

focus + intention + goal = meditation (image)

that is it! it doesn’t require you to have this superpower or to be able to float in midair. it just requires your awareness and an intention to achieve a certain goal.

What Are The Benefits Of Meditation?

there are so many benefits and each one can be specific to each individual. here are just a few…

  • relaxation
  • reduces pain
  • clarity
  • peace
  • happiness
  • exercise
  • natural healing
  • lung health
  • heart health

Is There Different Types?

yes, there are different types of meditation. in fact, you can turn just about anything you enjoy doing into a meditation using the formula above. find your focus, know your intention, and just be in that moment until you have achieved your goal.

some of my favorite types of meditation are…

  • earthing
  • dancing
  • singing
  • breath
  • yoga
  • guided
  • journaling
  • water

meditation is not hard and does not have to be this long drawn out practice. you can take 5 minutes each day, choose something you love to do, and plug it into that formula above to get your daily practice in. it’s that simple!

with care & in love.

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