If not now when‬

‪I will not wait for you‬

‪I will not pick up hobbies to spend the hands of time faster‬

‪I will not fill myself with optimistic phrases for the delusion of you‬

‪I will not for you as you have told me you will not wait for I ‬

‪If not now when you say‬

‪As if repeating my words will prove your point‬

‪You will not wait for me after you plant true love’s first kiss to awaken me from my slumber‬

‪You will not wait for me as the tips of my fingers become butchered by my heart’s porcelain pieces‬

‪You can’t watch as my tears heal what I’ve lost‬

‪I am broken‬

‪In mourning‬

‪Grieving in anger‬

‪You pull two virgils from your pocket and place them in the empty spot where my heart went‬

‪I don’t want your token lies‬

‪If not now when‬

‪When my heart is no more and my eyes become dust you will no longer see‬

‪When I go back to the stars and all you can do is wish upon me‬

‪If not now when‬


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