wine cheese

wine cheese

an “i am bae” self care talk about wine cheese and what that means to me. enjoy. 

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i am not interested in investing in negative patterns from the past. 

the healing journey is not an easy path to take when i am conditioned to rebel in every corner i exist in. i have prolonged the inevitable divine alignment held within my energy reflecting the stars and galaxies. i am the universe and i don’t even know it. my reflection and the reflection that i see in the world is the key…the lessons that will unlock my innate wisdom. flowing with the ebbs of my emoceans to experience what is there but not allowing it to consume me diminishes the excessive thoughts of the past echoing through my mind like a subtle hello in the grand canyon. 

i have arrived.

i am no longer impaired by the blindfold of my pain and negative patterns as that veil has fallen from my eyes. i see that i am everything that i am looking for and i will know that i am the same in another’s eyes. i am the beholder and the star. i am of myself and so much more. 

i am moving out of my own way as i continue to evolve into who i am always becoming. on my walk through life, i welcome the obstacles as divine lessons intended to challenge me for my highest good and guide me on my journey. i am grateful for all that i have overcome to arrive in this moment and all that is to come in the future. 

“how do you look upon me?” — lord rama

“when i believe i am the body, then i am your faithful servant. when i know i am the soul, i know myself to be a spark of your eternal light. and when i have the vision of truth, you and i, my lord, are one and the same.” — hanuman

i am learning that i am wealthy beyond the physical things. i believe that i am the light and this light is of me. we are the same. in every moment, i do my best to be the light wherever i go and whoever i am with. i accept that my best is good enough. 

today i am grateful for all the little things. i am a rare and precious find, and my brilliance will be reflected back to me when i am paired with a true match. what i am looking for is also looking for me (rumi). 

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