Words For My Obituary

Words For My Obituary

You’ve spent me like a $20 bill

Inserted me into this game

Pulled the lever and played my heart

I am no more

Spent before you felt my wealth

And what did you get

Some random numbers and more disappointment

You played with my heart like a disposable piece of paper

For what

An empty purchase at the cost of your transgressions




Why am I not enough

Why am I falling apart

Why is my heart the one that stays shattered in pieces

Slicing my fingers to fix it

The pain is the numbing agent

And I don’t want to feel this

There is nowhere I can go to escape this because I see you in their faces

I am conflicted with the flashbacks of heart stricken attacks from places I couldn’t see

You used my blind spots

Now I am blinded when you speak because all I can see is red and your heart is my target

I just want to rip it out

And let Naruto blow that shit to pieces

A rasengan from your blind spot straight to your chest

Leave you with a hole that’s similar to the one you keep digging in

I have no more of my heart to give because I am dead


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