You Can Stop

Stop hiding
Secretly suppressing your desires
Who you are does not bother me any more
If it’s for me, your love isn’t worth erasing who you are
If for you, my love is not what you are searching for
I’ve become numb to losing you
I know now that you were never mine to claim
But in that moment, my heart was an innocent bystander; a broken casualty
I told myself lies to believe your lies
But now it’s that the truth is so real to me
I see
You painted in all of your vibrant colors
Chasing the wind
Marveling at the stars
Finding love in all that you sea
Fishing for something else while you hold onto me
I am refusing to be the meal you fall back on
You can stop trying to say you love me if you don’t really love me

Shan Bae Signature


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